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Politically Radioactive

Politically Radioactive

In “PR” terms Bernalillo County Commissioner Michael Wiener is Radioactive.

Wiener was photographed in a Southeast Asia red light district with a group of local women and in another image with someone he says is his fiancé. For more on the story, here is the link from KOB-TV.

In the midst of re-election, republican and democratic leaders are calling for his resignation. Politically, can Michael Wiener survive?

The Beating of APD

The Beating of APD

In a strange twist of “man bites dog”, the Albuquerque Police Department needs assistance from its own victim advocacy unit.

In the midst of civil rights accusations, court cases, high speed pursuits and so called “bounty pay” for officer-involved shootings, the Albuquerque Police Department has been in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons.

This blog post isn’t designed to provide fuel to either side of this heated political debate, it is only meant to provide APD some insight on how it can truly reshape public perception so their good deeds and all the “good cops” get noticed for the right reasons.

Building Blocks and a Ball

Building Blocks and a Ball

The recent “Building Effective Community Outreach” roundtable at the PRSA Western District Conference provided some great insight from various communication professionals.

One of the things I promised, as a moderator, was to forward some helpful links pertaining to community outreach and corporate social responsibility.

Start Something That Matters – this is the link for the book written by founder of TOMS shoes Blake Mycoskie. I’ve given this book to some friends in the business as a new way to look at CSR. One of the recipients even took an idea from the book to send one of the most unique “thank you’s” I’ve ever received.

CorpsGiving – this is an organization that helps to organize “both large-scale volunteer programs and large-scale branded events.” Think of them as an event planner for charities that want to do something big but lack the people power to get it done.

RockCorps – is a unique approach that uses music to inspire people to volunteer. They do have a clever mission “Got 2 Give 2 Get”. They have their own volunteer database and work with organizations of various sizes.

Of course, if you are looking for a masters or Ph. D. approach to CSR, there is a great event at the end of the month sponsored by the Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship. They will have their annual conference in Phoenix from March 25-27, 2012.

Special thanks to Tiffany Payne with Comcast for providing insight on these and other organizations that provide a great service to those in the CSR arena.