May 2, 2012

Politically Radioactive

In “PR” terms Bernalillo County Commissioner Michael Wiener is Radioactive.

Wiener was photographed in a Southeast Asia red light district with a group of local women and in another image with someone he says is his fiancé.  For more on the story, here is the link from KOB-TV.

In the midst of re-election, republican and democratic leaders are calling for his resignation.  Politically, can Michael Wiener survive?

While he clearly has the election of his life ahead of him, his final “elected” fate will be determined by the 20% voter turnout, not the 100% negative media attention he has attracted during this mess.

What can Michael Wiener do to attempt “political” survival?

  • He needs to do a better, more effective job of telling his story, that is supported with documentation: plane tickets, receipts, his own photographs and motivations for his affinity for the people of Southeast Asia
  • Offer “till you drop” one-on-one interviews to all new and traditional media to talk about the trip and anything else that might come up.
  • Have his fiancé available to collaborate his story.
  • Show compassion to the victims (this list is long and includes women, children, victims of human trafficking and supporters).

Ok, so really, what can he do (since it is clear the above mentioned items are off the table): Focus on what he has done as county commissioner and hope, beyond hope, that his “supporters” have:

  1. No access to television, radio, newspaper or internet.
  2. Already sent in their mail-in ballot.
  3. Been visiting Denmark’s red light district and unaware of what’s been happening on the other side of the globe.

Baring any of that happening, Commissioner Wiener should think about community service instead of public service.

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  • If he were telling the truth, that emailed airline itinerary would have come out on the first day of Wienergate. Just ask Bill Clinton: it is one thing for a Wiener to be caught in the wrong place and yet another to repeatedly lie to your constituents about it.

    More telling is that he immediately threw the photographer under the bus and even went so far as to insinuate his political opponent to be behind this mess. How stupid does he think his constituents are?

    I wonder if he can flop sweat his way through the special session tomorrow without someone publicly asking him to back his story up with his airline receipt showing the “brief nighttime layover.”

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