February 4, 2011

Is there something better than Groupon?

There are a lot of people jumping on the Groupon bandwagon.  The discount service provides some tremendous value, helping businesses get rid of excess inventory at a substantial discount to consumers.

Is there something better than Groupon?

The record freeze hitting our country has left travelers stranded and many without heat and water.  In New Mexico, the Governor declared a state of emergency because of scarce natural gas supplies.  This created the perfect storm for price gouging in a variety of different sectors.

The Hotel Albuquerque took a different approach.  Seeing a community in need they offered rooms at $35 a night for families impacted by the natural gas shortage.  For those of you out of town, this is not a “no tell motel”.  The Hotel Albuquerque is an upscale hotel that is host to a variety of community events.

Yes Virginia, there is something better than Groupon and it is called charity.


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