April 3, 2009

God save the Queen and her iPod!

“Good policy fosters good public relations” has long been something that we’ve successfully woven into the communication fabric of our clients.
Based on a recent gift from President Obama to the Queen of England, we could say that good foreign policy fosters good public relations.
Earlier this week when the President met with the Queen (as seen in the AP photo), he presented her with an iPod. But, it wasn’t just any old iPod it came loaded with 40 Broadway show tunes, including several which were set in the United Kingdom.
The iPod also included electronic images and video of past visits to the United States as well as an mp3 of Obama’s inaugural address and his 2004 speech to the Democratic National Convention.
It is the simple things that make the most powerful statements.
Now, to the larger question… Does the Queen have an iTunes account or personalized earbuds?

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