Tom Garrity

An Inconvenient Belch

In Life on February 26, 2009 at 1:50 pm
an-inconvient-truth-movieThe causes of global warming are all around us. Burning fossil fuels, mining and an increasing human population are the three top causes of global warming, according to  The same website also cites “One natural cause is a release of methane gas from arctic tundra and wetlands.”
Today, the Wall Street Journal ID’d the latest culprit: Belching Sheep.
The page one story (titled “Silencing the Lambs) cites a United Nations report that there is a global “effort to keep sheep, deer, cows and other livestock from belching methane when they eat and regurgitate grass.” The report states that the animal world is responsible for more greenhouse gas emissions than cars.
A few things come to mind when I read the story: 1) I am glad we are getting a return on our investment in the United Nations; 2) Vegetarians have more arrows in their quiver on the reasons why “meat” is baaaa’d (sorry couldn’t resist); 3) When will there be a survey commissioned to study the greenhouse “gas” emissions generated by Tex-Mex Food?
While, I always had a suspicion, now there is proof of an ovine’s impact on the ozone. I am glad to see that we are making progress on identifying the catalysts of climate change… now it is time to go outside and enjoy a 70-degree February day in Albuquerque.

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