November 23, 2018

The Garrity Perception Survey 2018


In 1997, The Garrity Group embarked on its a journey to be a firm that shares its trusted public relation skills and unique New Mexico insights generously with its clients.

In 2011, the firm stepped up its offering pursuing thought leadership through our annual Garrity Perception Survey.

Over the past seven years’ the firm has commissioned Albuquerque-based Research & Polling to conduct the annual survey.

Each year, survey participants are interviewed by telephone (both landlines and cell phones) in the February/March timeframe. The scientific, statewide survey uses the current United States Census as its guide, to ensure there is no “over” or “under representation” of geographic or demographic populations. Each year, the survey features responses of approximately 405 New Mexico residents, consistently providing a 95 percent level of confidence.

As you will see on the printed version of this year’s overview, The cover of the 2018 Garrity Perception Survey features the iconic bridge crossing of the Rio Grande.2018 GPS Cover

Whether you are driving north on Highway 68 watching the gorge reveal itself, rafting on the Rio Grande, fishing the confluence with the Red River or reflecting from the bridge, there is something for everyone here.

The Taos Gorge represents a great divide in New Mexico, appropriate of our seven year look at how “different” residents view issues in our state.  Many of these differences are based in large part on their location, demographics and position in life. These unique perspectives shape how residents view industries, professions and consume media.

We will be exploring all three of those areas as well as how “news of the day” shapes perceptions of New Mexico industries and professions.  We will also take a look at how resident access news and information has changed, or not, over the past seven years.  The results may surprise you.

Overview – Providing Perspective on Perception

Screen Shot 2018-11-23 at 1.17.24 PMMy Sophomore year in high school marked a final venture in scouting. One of the things I tried to do during my final years in Troup 685 was celestial navigation. Separate from daylight or clouds, I’ve learned it is quite simple as long as you find the North Star.  Two of the easiest ways to find that beacon is by using aspects of the Big Dipper or Cassiopeia constellations.  Roaming the “hill country” of Texas, I was thankful for a clear night sky and a guide who helped me find those key Stars.

There are some similarities with the Garrity Perception Survey. Each year of the survey provides a snapshot in time showing who residents “trust” and revealing “favored” industries (think of those single stars). Connect those data points over seven years (2011 through 2017) and you can identify a baseline and as well as possible trends (a constellation). Add insight about how current events impact their responses and you have a basis of understanding “perception” (North Star).

The 2018 Garrity Perception Survey will highlight some of the seven-year trends for “favorability” of industries/institutions, “trust” of people/professions and how New Mexico residents get “news and information”. Specifically, we will focus on trends in the energy, education, healthcare, legal and media arenas.  We hope you will enjoy this new form of “celestial navigation” with us!

How We Use the Garrity Perception Survey

Providing insight and a voice for Fortune 500 companies that have a presence in New Mexico, The Garrity Group uses the data to demonstrate how New Mexico is not a “one size fits all” state.

For example, how residents in Northwest New Mexico view the oil and gas industry varies differently than those in the North Central part of the state. We use the information with our “instate” clients as a basis for understanding the best way to approach unique communities throughout the Land of Enchantment.

Screen Shot 2018-11-23 at 1.17.52 PM
The Garrity Group (R to L: Lucia, Andie, Gayle, Amanda, Tom)

In the rapidly changing news industry, we use the information to shape our earned media plan. For example, if you want to use digital media to inform those who are favorable towards media, you will want to focus first on social media and then on bloggers.  If you are trying to decide whether print or radio is the best option to reach Farm & Ranch Industry advocates, the research skews toward newspaper. And if you are trying to chart ways to reach millennials, you will want to focus on “niche” digital campaigns.

More information and analysis of this information is available online at

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