January 19, 2010

Three Rabbits

Recently my youngest daughter was particularly moved by the opportunity to rescue three rabbits that were abandoned by her school.

Not wanting to deny her an opportunity to exercise her compassion and social responsibility we said she could have two of the rabbits (someone else had said they could take care of the “one” remaining rabbit).

As nature would have it, the two rabbits we rescued were female and not “really” two but 2+++!  This is “really” not too surprising when the one rabbit departing for greener pastures is a male.

Short of calling for United Nations intervention to assist with all of the animal mouths that need to be fed, we were able to find a farm for the newborn rabbits to live.  Yes, a real farm and not the mythical one where animals sometimes go to live out their remaining years.

Aside from the humorous announcement at the dinner table, designed to see if I’d laugh or cry (I laughed) it was fun to see my family’s reaction to the pending and multiple arrivals.  They were acting as if they hit the charity jackpot… after all they didn’t just rescue two rabbits but two pregnant rabbits!

And yes, while we are now in the midst of making special accommodations for these beasts with loose morals and a 28 day gestation period it is worth it to see the family pulling together to make it all happen.

So, what does this have to do with public relations?  Simple.  Sometimes it is just easy to do the right thing.

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