September 16, 2009

The 365 Day Full Moon

fullmoonIs it just me, or does it seem like there has been a full moon for the last 365 days?

Some of the most memorable recent highlights include:

A Federally funded program giving advice on how to start brothels using non-resident minors.

Elected officials heckling other elected officials.

A body of elected officials deciding to take a break from a healthcare debate, which has grown gaggles of hecklers, to wag a finger at a heckler who heckled on national television.

A major daily newspaper has a managing editor selling advertising space.

One music star grabs the microphone from music star from a different genre during her acceptance speech at nationally televised awards show.

A well known tennis icon tells a line judge where to put the ball in a fashion that would make John McEnroe blush.

Pundits say the economy has stabilized but to expect continued job losses and high unemployment rates for years.

All of these “items of the odd” have three common ingredients: ego, greed and panic.

What is the solution?  Perhaps we can take a page from kindergarten and mandate “nap time” so we can all recalibrate and refocus on the important things.

If that doesn’t work, perhaps congress can pass a law declaring the words “do over” as a reasonable form of reconciliation whenever people make really stupid decisions.

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