July 31, 2009

Follow Friday

FFridayWho should you follow on Twitter?

The August 7th #FollowFriday list will feature a group I will call Albuquerque’s Active and Interesting

@AshDHart – Realtor by day and techie by day… by night?  I don’t think she knows night because she is always on 24/7.  If I didn’t meet her at the @ElPinto tweet-up I’d say she was a bot with personality.  Very helpful and knowledgeable person to follow.

@Jrnygirl – She hunts zombies, helps people with computer/server issues and loves hers kids almost as much as Journey (kidding, she loves her kids more).  She has a new tattoo and will chime in on any conversation.  She is a good person to have in your twitter corner.

@LisaMays – A teacher, mom and wife.  She will tweet on random topics and will ask topical questions.  Her love of film and music is apparent in her tweets.  I have a degree in film and can tell you that she knows her stuff!

@Swbaboon – Her bios says it all “A money loving wannabe hippie…” She knows her primates and doesn’t follow any missing links (ha ha ha).  She’ll occasionally share things about family activities, Swbaboon always makes twitter interesting!

The Chalmers Crew – Ok this next group is like the three musketeers.  All you have to do is sit back and watch their tweets and you’ll be entertained on a regular basis.  The trio includes: @iaretanja @KesslerQT and @Missmandibaby.  Trust me on this one… just watch their tweets develop and you will smile and chake your heard with that little grin that makes others think “whatever it is on the screen it sure must be interesting.”


The July 31st Follow Friday list is a group of the “First’s” and includes some of the 18 people I first started following when I signed up on Twitter and sent that first tweet on October 28, 2007.

@mattgrubs – Matt is a reporter at KDFW in Dallas, the CBS affiliate.  When Matt was covering the political beat for KOAT, he and I had the chance to work together during several legislative sessions when my firm did work for the Senate Democratic Caucus.  He is a quick wit, is a balanced reporter and responds to Tweets!

The Comcast Crew – Scott Westerman @comcastscott, Chris Dunkeson @cdunkeson and Tiffany Payne @tiffanykpayne are three people who, in addition to being a client, taught me the most about twitter and the different ways to leverage information to exceed customer expectations.  Comcast has a great approach to customer service on the net and these three are a key part to Comcast’s New Mexico and Arizona success.

@tracyweise – Tracy’s firm, Weise Communications, was first brought to my attention through my wife… the two befriended eachother poolside at the Counselors Academy in Cabo San Lucas over a chilled bottle of water (ok, maybe they were sipping something else).  Anyway, Tracy’s Denver-based firm specializes in the healthcare and social media realm.  In addition to MarComm tweets, her firm also has a clever blog called The Side Note.

@peter770 – Peter wears many hats… and wears them very well.  By morning, he is a radio news reporter who has a passion for politics.  By afternoon, he is a public relations practitioner who is responsible for putting Taos Tourism on the map.  By night, only heaven knows where he is cruising on his Vulcan motorcycle.  He tweets on a variety of topics from news to balloon rides.

@desertronin – It takes a special pair of legs to make a kilt work, Benson “Braveheart” Hendrix makes it happen!  Benson and I got to know each other on the New Mexico PRSA Board.  He is a public relations professional who works with the University of New Mexico.  He knows new media and he has clever tweets.

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