June 12, 2009

The Longest Best Day of the Year

June 21st is one of my favorite days of the year.  In addition to being my sister’s birthday, the summer solstice provides the most daylight in the Northern Hemisphere.

Since it is the “longest day” I always try and find something fun to do that will have me in the great outdoors.  I’ve had the chance to celebrate the solstice in Alaska, which is a trip in more ways than one.  If it occurs during the week, we will typically barbecue and toast the late night sunset.

However, one of the most unique 6/21’s I’ve ever spent was with a good friend named Don.  One night over a board game I mentioned my personal fixation about the longest day of the year and that this year it was going to fall mid-week.  He thought maximizing the daylight was also a worthy endeavor.  We had talked about different things to do and landed on fishing. 

After work we’d get our gear and try out a spot below Cochiti Reservoir, north of Albuquerque.  When we got there the early evening wind was howling.  We were the only ones there.  To combat the wind and elements, we put weight on the end of the line for distance instead of depth!  Our laughter over the insane conditions resulted in catching more dust than fish, and that was alright.  It was a good time to hang out, tell stories and enjoy the long day.

I treasured that time. 

It wasn’t until about six months later that the value of afternoon laughter hit home when we received news that Don, a cancer survivor from his childhood, had a relapse.  He passed away a short time later.

So, here it is… another June 21st is fast approaching.

This year I’ll be making the most of it showing my old 1938 Plymouth pick-up at a local auto show.  Later it will be barbecue and a toast to the late night sunset.

Send me a tweet or a message to let me know how you will be making the most of the longest “best” day of the year!

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