January 18, 2009

A New Look At Safety

The amazing footage and stories of US Air crash landing, being dubbed “Miracle on the Hudson” is placing a renewed focus on the standard safety briefings. Usually taking place as the aircraft is pulling back from the gate, it is a struggle for flight attendants to attract and hold attention during the choreographed routines.DeltaSafety
Southwest Airlines’ flight attendants have fun with the briefing, sometime adding in some comical lines during the overview. On one of my flights, they gave a free drink coupon to someone who actually pulled out the safety card during the briefing.
Until recently, all other airlines fit the same mold of presenting the lifesaving safety information. Continental, American, United, Frontier, Great Lakes and MESA (all airlines I have flown in the last year) leverage either recorded or sometimes stale presentations – very few passengers pay attention.
The only exception to the safety drool was Delta Airlines. Yes, I know, my last experience on Delta as less than pleasant (as those who subscribe to my twitter account could attest). However, the highlight of the delayed planes, lost baggage and mostly rude professionals was a new safety video.
The video short is slick, edgy, cultish, fun and a little bit freaky. It features a finger-wagging, hottie by the name of Katherine Lee. Her nick name “Deltalina” appears to be a hit, generating just south of 9,000 Google references.
The best part, you don’t have to fly on Delta to watch the safety briefing (yeah, still a little sore from my last flight). Just click here.
Smart move Delta on finding a new way to relay the same old, and important, safety information.

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