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A writer for the Seattle Times posed the question: “Which can Americans afford to live without: The NFL or Government?” I guess the answer to that question could depend largely upon your NFL team and the prospects for a 2011 Football Season.

The premise of the question is gauged to generate a reaction.  But, the quiet response, muttered under our breath, is based on connection.  Lets face it, the NFL has a greater connection to the American population than the Federal government. 

The 2011 Garrity Perception Survey of New Mexico residents provides a unique take on the perception of government.  Only 18% of residents trust government to do the right thing most of the time.  And 54% feel that Government is trying to do too many things.

In New Mexico, the size of government grew under the previous administration.  The new leadership is cutting the size of government and challenging philosophies concerning government’s role.  According to the GPS survey results, this is a popular theme in New Mexico.

Where are the lines drawn between government’s supporters and detractors?  New Mexico seniors are more likely than others to say government can be trusted most of the time.  Residents in the Albuquerque metro area are more apt to say they can trust the government at least some of the time, while those in the Northwest and North Central regions are more likely than others to say the government can hardly ever or never be trusted.

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  2. […] For more details about the survey, click here. […]

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