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What we can learn from Jimmy and LeBron

What we can learn from Jimmy and LeBron

Jimmy Buffet and LeBron James are an unlikely pair. However, over the span of the past several days both have done their part to niche their place in modern culture and they both based it on their performance.

The now tiresome special and focus on Mr. James’ decision to leave his home of Cleveland in pursuit of a championship title (which he didn’t get in college because he went right to the NBA from an Ohio high school) has been bantered about by greater and wittier minds than mine. But the announcement was a shunning of his home state and a promise of performance in the form of a championship ring.

Contrast that with singer songwriter Jimmy Buffet, who embraces his gulf coast heritage, has only received two Grammy nominations. But his following will be stronger than any NBA or other professional sporting figure, evidenced by his 40+ records that have gone either gold or platinum, sold out tour dates, and collaborations with the greatest voices in the music industry.

Jimmy Buffet, tonight, is hosting a benefit concert in Gulf Shores Alabama as a benefit to help the region plagued by oil and negative publicity from the gulf spill. A long track record of doing things for the community that supported him for so long is why Jimmy Buffet reached icon status a long time ago. Versus LeBron James, who like a prodigal son left home … yes, I think Ohio is bigger than LeBron to accept him back when he returns to the community with humility in his heart.